Indonesian textileOne unique feature of the Crickethead Inn is our use of textiles from Indonesia. Batiks as well as ikat, sotis, and buna (weaving techniques) can be seen in every room. Indonesia has a huge variety of textile traditions, and I have become captivated by their artistry. Indonesian textileMy interest has grown with every trip to this beautiful country, and if you get me started you will have a show on your hands.

Megamendung batik from CirebonEvery October we have an open house exhibition here, and the place is full of light and color and texture, featuring examples of traditional textile artists from Timor, Sumba, Flores, Bali, Java, Madura, and Sulawesi, to name only a few. A fine complement to this show is the entrancing music of the Finestream Gamelan Orchestra who play fascinating selections from Bali and Java.

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